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Inspired by Lovely Ali

I have followed Ali Abdaal for quite a while, receiving lots of inspiration, I watched twice of his recent video and gained 5 points that I want to share.

Point 1: The thing that you think about at the shower, should be the thing that you do with your life

Actually, I don’t really know what I am thinking when I am having shower. I am quite busy during the process, such as teeth whitening, waxing and even strength a bit 😝. As my relaxing time is so short, I think my brain was blank most of the time. However, this point tells me to capture my real me during relaxing time.

Point 2: Imagining 25 years from now, what do I want my life look like

I am a happy person, but I don’t have imagination skill, weird 🙃. That’s why my future pictures are always the things can happen in any minute or simply it will never happen, such as if I were Bill Gate, I would ……

So why this point finally inspires me who has no imagination at all? I suddenly realise if my 65th is the same as today, I am happy when I

· have my own business taking 30 hrs / week

· practise piano; can play songs that I love 🎹

· read different books 📖

· watch movies🎞

· try new things that I want without worry about money🏂

· have time and skill to communicate with people that I care ❤

· can feel myself is improving everyday

Money and time freedom is what I am looking for. luckily, I have them at the age of 39, the only mission for me is maintaining it. Yes, I am happy with the life above when I am 65.

Point 3: Do not defer your retired life… when think we want something, we should test the assumption

This the point that I have heard so many times in different forms. Some say if you don’t travel, then don’t imagine you will travel the world after retired. Moreover, assumption and truth can be so different. Do we really understand ourselves? Do we really know what we want? I have spent so many years to figure out, it’s worth to test it avoiding regrets and awkwardness.

Point 4: The system delivers the good information rather than a person works beyond

He is brave to tell his truth feeling. Also I was surprise people would challenge him at this way. I totally agree what he has brought up. As an individual, we are small components, which should be the system contribute the society.

Point 5: Having life experience & making videos about it

Lots of Youtuber are full-time, they read, they absorb, they digest then they contribute. This is one of many ways, but I prefer the sharing from a real character in the real world. In my opinion, it is different. The best lecturer is always the one who has life experience. They provide vivid examples which makes me immediately understand the theory and philosophy. When someone request suggestions, my points can be delivered easily with real life examples. Life experience provides the foundation which makes who I am.

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