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婚姻是什么 - 黄越绥

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

阅读完成: 2017

没有记录哪天天看完的,因为当时买的是印刷版。首先,我要声明,我喜欢作者和政治立场没有关系,黄越绥老师在两性方面有很多很有趣的观点,其中很多含金量非常高。而且,我从不害怕婚姻,毕竟婚姻对我来说是我要向全世界宣告,我就跟他一辈子了。 其余就没有别的内容了。所以我没有恐婚,而且在婚姻第七年才阅读此书。

Reading done by 2017

I don't have any record that the exactly done date. One of the reasons is I read hard copy this time. I love reading her books with no political preference. However, she is one of the expert in relationship. Some of her points of view is really valuable and interesting for me. I have no fear with marriage. Marriage for is announcing I will be with this guy for the rest of my life, that's it. That is why I read this book in my 7th year of marriage.

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