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阅读完成: 2020年3月19日

自从在家工作以后,我已经很少听收音机。后来,是脱欧让我一下子回到了电波的世界,很意外也在情理之中,认识了广播员 James O'Brien, 他确实佩服他每天3小时高强度的被世界各地的听众调整,即使这是他的工作,但还是佩服他的活力,逻辑和善辩能力。思路清晰,反应一流,渐渐,我成为了他的小粉丝。然后,他出书了。书的内容和他广播的风格一致,如果要找另一面的他,估计你要失望了。对我来说,书告知了一个千古的事实:你永远无法叫醒一个装睡的人,但是他有很多种方法让他们做噩梦。James 拥有大量的知识去挑战来自各方的“理由”,拥有清醒的头脑去挖掘自相矛盾的理论,还用紧密的逻辑让挑战者原形毕露。当然,有时候挑战者会掩饰到最后一分钟,但往往都很难看,至少我个人是这么觉得。😉

Book by James O'Brien: How To Be Right

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 March 2020

In my real life, I always angry about people who have knowledge and ability to think but they decide not to. Of course they can live their lives however they want but I feel helpless sometimes. After reading James's book, I find out we still have lots of fighters who is trying , even though they cannot always successfully convince others to think differently. They may change or may not after talking to James. However, I am sure people who read this book, they want a broader view from some aspects.

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