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阅读完成: 2019年10月16日

Updated: Jan 6, 2021


Book by Derek Sivers: Anything You want

Done by 16 OCT 2019

Easy to read with no nonsenses. I finally find a book which his way of success can be possibly copied. Dereck provides lots of reasonable tips and strategies. He started his because not because of he wanted to be rich; he would like to do something that was really difficult in reality if relied on the 3rd party. He left his job was not because of it's a bad job; actually, it's because it was too good making him too conformable and moving nowhere. His book taught me, success is possible, there is no unachievable targets or impossible techniques. I don't need to have scientist's focus or genius mind. It's all small steps and spirits from the bottom of heart. When we are doing something that people who are needed; when we are thinking about helping others. It's a good way to start. Moreover, Derek is always so true to himself. When business is getting bigger, it turns he had less happiness. When enjoyment is less than positive emotions, he decided to change his run way. I believe it is not easy to be awarded. Taking actions took more encouragement but he did it. He is my top author.

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