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Updated: Jan 6, 2021

阅读完成: 2018年2月21日


Book by Frédéric Rouvillois: Histoire de la Politeness

Reading done by: 21 FEB 2018

I was told that my country was really care about politeness when I was little. Sometimes, it makes me feel we are the one who cares the most. After reading this book, I understand every country has its history of respect and politeness concerns. There is no ranking and there is lots of stories to tell. For example, children may go to jail if they didn't send their regards to their fathers. It's radicular law nowadays but it was exist 300 years ago in France. This book was shared by Daghe who is a celebrity in China. This book was the one on the list; telling others he was not as naïve as they thought, in fact, have the haters done enough to prove if they are as good as they believe? I don't know who won the argue, but I notice this book. I feel the topic is fun and I had done by reading.

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