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阅读完成: 2018年12月22日


Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

Reading done by 22 DEC 2018

I don't like Apple's products. I haven't used any. Basically, I don't like the philosophy that using Apple's products are different class from others. After reading this book, I haven't changed my opinion which is one of the strong reason that this a 5 stars biography. Close the the real and true regardless I like it or not.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 22 December 2018

The no.1 biography book, not one if but the best. Part if the reason would be Steve is a special person who has lots of things to write about, but the main and the most important reason is the writer. He shows us what makes Steve Jobs, what he had been through, the it turns out why his life is different from others, why his products are different finally, why his company is different. Not all good, buy of course, not all bad. It seems all reasonable, that's why I fell so truth and touching. Well done Mr. Walter Isaacson.

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