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蔡康永的說話之道 1&2 - 蔡康永

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

阅读完成: 2017

蔡康永先生的书,我很少关注,但是他在奇葩说的魅力实在太强。我太喜欢他笑笑的+娓娓道来,默默地就把话听进去了,这不就是沟通最重要的目的吗?不管最终对方是否被你说服,我的话被听进去了,ta 思考了,这就够了。

Reading done by 2017

Whether or not we can convince someone, our words need to be heard. If we failed to do the 1st step, the rest is meaningless. I bought Tsai's book due to his performance in U Can U BB. Say it gently and softly makes people listen. This the point of communication, even though s/he has not been convince at the end.

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