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阅读完成: 2017年11月27日

Updated: Jan 6, 2021


Book by John Perry: The Art of Procrastination

Reading done by 27 NOV 2017

I was struggling and punishing myself everyday due to procrastination. I was not doing nothing. In fact, I was too busy to do other things rather than must. I was influenced by emotion and had tried to avoid and face what I should deal with. Reading this book makes me feel I am not the worst in the world. Tried to apricate what I had done; given some credits to myself; had some energy back to face what I really need to solve.

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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 13 November 2017

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It's a really straight forward book. John (the author) illustrates lots of honest situations and and examples. I am definitely one of them . I feel much better after reading it, the most importantly, I think a find a better way to deal with my procrastination.

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