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從此,不再勉強自己 - 吳淡如

今天读完了吴淡如美女15年的作品。这半年我一直追随她一些节目,感觉她是一位由棱角又很可爱的作家,不曲高和寡特别容易走进人的心里,至少把我的心走得踏踏实实。里面有很多内容我都非常赞同,就像她在一节目里说的一样,读者能在书里找到共鸣,当事人就会觉得那是一本好书,就像书里提到的那句:真正值得的意见,其实都是‘本来如此‘的意见。 书中提到的内容大多都是想和做之间的联系,但感觉她提倡 做=实行 好像稍微更重要一点。罗马不是一天建成的,就像吴作家能如此通透也不是短时间的功夫,走的路更不是顺畅。几句有意思的话,这里成列一下:

  1. 日子踏实,心里充实,人才会自在

  2. 人难免希望有人认同,却不能处处追求认同,而失去自己

  3. 唯有安静和孤独,才能思考

  4. 找难点的事做,过舒服的活 (这个和我这段时间学到的一个知识不谋而合,例如:去吃一块想吃的蛋糕得到的快乐时间会短于完成一篇用心的论文。以前的我,总是沉浸于找小快乐,小快乐稍纵即逝,我变得忙碌去寻找,却失去了个人的价值感。每次让我感觉有价值的时候都是完成了不容易的人物,这种感觉能撑很久的,而且快乐很久。

  5. 自己打拍子自己活(这个实在酷,我也要这么酷😀)

Reading done by 09 JAN 2021

Another easy reading book. I have been followed the author for a while. I believe I will follow her even longer. As a genuine person, her way of writing is easy to understand. As a lady has grown up in a traditional family in Asia, being herself, be truth to herself is not easy even though she is independent in many ways. However, she is brave to find out why and how, especially how. In most cases of others, hide is the best way but she doesn't. A few things from the book are useful:

  1. Live in every minute, life is enjoyable

  2. You will lost yourself when chase belonging & identity from others all the time

  3. You can only think when you are lonely and quite

  4. Do something difficult, but live in a comfort life (Currently, I learned from somewhere that if keep doing little and easy things, happiness doesn't last long. I totally agree as I have experience. Get small things done can only make me happy for a short time, then I need to find next one, then next one. Gradually, I lose my confident as I only achieve small missions. When I have done something difficult, good mood last much longer with confident. )

  5. Live in my own rhythm (This is cool 😎.)

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